Admission Essay Tips

So you have finished the draft of your application essay and you have revised your thoughts and arguments at least thrice, but is it the end of the project? You still need to do a final run on editing and proofreading. But if you don’t have time and want to save it read in review and find out how you can do it. Here are some tips:

Essay editing tip 1: Start with the basic rules of grammar

Before you go to the dangling modifiers, check the simpler mistakes first. Check if all your sentences adhere to proper subject-verb agreement and the simplest grammar rules. If some expert writers commit mistakes on these areas, it simply proves one thing–nobody can turn in a perfect writing piece without thorough editing. If you want to use a grammar and spelling checker, then do so to double-check your proofreading efforts. But don’t solely depend on it. Even some checkers can miss errors that are hard to recognize. These include homonyms, modifiers, and syntax errors.


Essay editing tip 2: Check if the writing style used in admission essay writing is effective

Recheck the essay based on content and effective writing strategies. Does it follow the instructions of the admissions committee? If they say that they want an argumentative essay, does your essay adhere to the classification? Is your writing style fit for a persuasive essay, or is your tone too casual? Even with the best experiences and reasons to get into college, you can’t convince readers without expressing your points of view clearly in a way that they can understand you better and you can appeal to them more effectively. It would do you good to let someone critique your essay to know if your writing style is effective or not.

A methodical approach to editing would assure that you won’t miss glaring errors and can turn in an essay that meets the expectations of the admissions panel. Checking the writing style is a must if you want your admission essay to be labeled as top notch, according to

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