Software Engineering Thesis

Software Engineering Thesis– do you have some new ideas?

Most of the time, students are faced with a question like this that leaves them nothing short of perplexed! They are most of the time in a quandary, working on all sorts of ideas in the hope of finding something new to do. This is when you feel you are missing out on something. You would be quite happy to have a qualified person give you a good topic or an idea for a software engineering thesis. Well, since this is not something that is easy to come by; you need to be watchful about the kind of person whom you turn to for advice.

Where we make our mark

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Topics and ideas for a software engineering thesis

  1. Software product lines – have you thought about this topic earlier? Well, if you haven’t and you are wondering how to approach, please give a call. First you have to explain what software product lines are all about and how they can increase the productivity of the same. The cost and effectiveness of maintaining such software can also be examined in your thesis. Empirical investigations and proper recording of facts can ensure that your points are well received.

  2. Software testing – this is another field of study that an engineering student could concentrate on. Since there is new software being developed practically every day, the methods of testing to be implemented should be foolproof to ensure quality at every stage. Your thesis could examine software that is in use in a manufacturing industry. You will have to mention the name of the package, the applications, and the kind of testing methods that you use and also the results of your testing.

  3. Building a back-end database – now here you need to be familiar with the software that is going to be used. There are various established programs like MySQL and PHP that you will have to use to base your work on. If you are not too sure about framing a good thesis statement based on the work you need to do; call us.

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