Thesis Statement Help

So you’ve decided to strike it out on your own. You say, “I will buy thesis papers no more! I will write my own great essay!” You, my friend, are ambitious and this is awesome. In exchange, you can have some thesis statement help.

What is a thesis statement?

No doubt you are familiar with the thesis statement. It’s the last sentence of your first paragraph, and it sums up and road maps the primary arguments that you will be addressing in your thesis paper.

There are many different kinds of thesis statements, and which one you choose relates directly to the kind of thesis paper you have.

  • Argumentative Thesis Statement If your essay is making a very clear argument (this usually takes the form of a persuasive speech or paper), then you probably want to write an argumentative thesis statement. The link above redirects to a guide specifically for thesis statements that relate to argumentative thesis statements. The rest of this post will deal with other kinds of thesis statement help.

  • Biographical Thesis Statement When you craft a thesis statement for a biography, you have to address the major life events, in addition to the effects of the subject’s life on their environment and surrounding.

  • Literature Thesis StatementLiterature thesis statements just have to address the purpose of the literary work, the effects of the work on the larger literary world, and the conversation between authors in the same region, time period, or genre. We have a post on how to write a deconstructionist literature thesis, if you want more help. Read on for further thesis statement help.

  • Personal Thesis Statement If you are writing about yourself, you know exactly what you’re talking about: yourself. Talk about your biases, you struggles, your topic, your personality, your values and beliefs. Address all these things with confident, subtle command of language.


Argumentative Thesis Statement:

“Despite solid moral objections against the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, a simple cost-benefit analysis reveals that the economic and medical benefits outweigh the ‘moral’ cost of a supposedly secular America.”

Biographical Thesis Statement:

“Emma Goldman, early 20th century anarchist and activist, effected radical change in the harsh political climate of turn-of-the-century America, traveling across the world in order to spread her views and political agenda.”

Literature Thesis Statement:

“Kafka’s Metamorphosis revolutionized existentialism with its stark prose and complicated analysis of the human condition— the text addresses the transformation of character from man to beast, a metaphor for the value of human existence.”

Personal Thesis Statement:

“Because I have worked hard in my studies, expanded upon my standard education through organizations like boy scouts and volunteer work at the local psychiatric hospital, and maintained an impeccable driving record, I believe I am the perfect candidate for this position.”

This brief guide is far from complete thesis statement help. There are many ways to compose a thesis statement. Nonetheless, the advice will give you a basis from which to write your own thesis statements.